September 12, 2020 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Southwest Metro Co-op Auditorium
401 E 4th St
Chaska, MN 55318

Become the Creator of YOUR Optimal Life: A Commitment to Know, Accept and Transform Yourself
-Vocational, Financial, Mental, Emotional and Physical Health and Well-being-through Guided Play and Self-Exploration within a Supportive Community

Do you want to:
Wake up excited about the day to come?  Authentically connect with yourself and others? Experience true happiness? Become the very best version of yourself in all areas of your life? Then you’re ready to become the creator of YOUR optimal life and this 16-month group coaching program is for you!
Our goal is to empower you to know and accept yourself, so you can truly transform and create immense success and satisfaction in your life. We’ll use fun and engaging exercises and activities to support you in discovering who and where you are now, figuring out where you want to be and why, and setting purposeful action plans. And all within a supportive community of others doing the same. This series is tailored to the unique needs of women, but all are welcome.
Your Host and Master Coaches and The Habits of Health Transformational System (Dr. A’s Habits of Health, Your Life Book and app) by NY Times bestselling author Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, and will be your guides.  

In-Person gatherings will start with our Host Coaches guiding you to recognize your current situation for that topic, contemplate why you want to transform, identify what you want to create, and strategize how to get it. We will break for a catered lunch and reenergizing movement and quiet time. Then our talented Master Coaches will guide you using their gifts to enable you to go deeper in knowing, accepting, and transforming. In-Person gatherings will be:

  • Facilitated by our Host and Master Coaches
  • Located in the auditorium at SouthWest Metro High School, 401 East 4th St. Chaska, MN
  • Run from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CT on the designated Saturdays.

Virtual gatherings will provide ongoing accountability, sharing, support, and encouragement. Virtual gatherings will be:

  • Facilitated by our Host Coaches
  • Over Zoom video webinars
  • Run from 7-8:30 P.M. CT on the 2nd Tuesday of the designated months.

Module 4: Know and Accept your Self, Become Present: Create YOUR Optimal Well-being (Registration Deadline: September 5, 2020)

  • In Person: 9/12/20 – It’s gotta come from the heart if you want it to work
  •  Master Coach Jess Leigh Lyons, M.Ed., Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Facilitator: Jess co-creates experiences of deeply knowing oneself and one’s truth by using improv, play and storytelling to own one’s own presence. Additionally, she works with folks one-on-one to listen to their body and develop their own tools to live into purpose. She’s a Certified Life Coach with a Masters in Curriculum and Pedagogy.
  • Virtual Gatherings: 10/13/20, 11/10/20, 12/9/20