Ages 5+

Learn the lifelong benefits of Kung Fu, the Chinese art of self-defense and fitness, from a Hong Kong champion. Not just a punching, kicking, self-defense class, Kung Fu teaches awareness of self and surroundings and improves self-esteem and confidence. Join a FUN, progressive, full participation class that focuses on helping students develop leadership, discipline, concentration and coordination skills for a healthy mind and body. Improve your coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance. Parents: don’t sit at the sideline. Sign up and participate with your child in class. This is a skill building progressive training program for beginners through Black Belt. Optional uniform and certification from White to Black Belt are available.

Class Levels:                     

Carver Elementary (CVR):

A and D- Beginner-Blue Belt                                 

B and E- 2nd Blue-Black Belt                           

C and F- Instruments and Sparring