My Summer Preschool @ Family Learning Center
Aug 1 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am

3 years by 7/1/2018

Our licensed early childhood teachers will assist your child in summer enrichment learning through hands on, inquiry based activities with plenty of time to play and have fun with friends!  This class helps to foster children’s ability to interact with others and to learn what it means to be a part of a classroom.  Focus will also include social & emotional development as well as cognitive, physical and creative development for your preschooler.  This is a child only class.  However, during registration a parent must be selected as well (but will not need to attend).

0-12 Months Welcome Baby @ Family Learning Center
Aug 1 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Welcome Baby is a Non-Separating class for 0-12 months as of 7/1/2018

Discover the amazing capacity of your baby. Parent discussion with a licensed parent educator allows for all those questions you have about life with your incredible and ever changing baby.

This is a non-separating class.

Sibling Care is available, registration is required.

Driver’s Education @ Chaska High School Room G130
Aug 1 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Community Education, in collaboration with Safeway Driving School, offers students ages 14½ and older the opportunity to participate in classroom instruction to prepare them for the MN permit test. All instructors are licensed by the MN Department of Public Safety.

Behind-the-wheel registration and instruction must be set up with Safeway Driving School, 651.351.9150, The cost is $150 and is payable to Safeway at the lessons.

Classroom instruction prepares the student to take the Minnesota permit test and begin the responsibility of driving. The 30 hours of classroom is structured into 10 independent lessons. Students must be on time for all classes. Riding the district activity bus may not ensure timely arrival so alternative arrangements should be made. If a student misses a lesson, they can make up that exact lesson number at the next session or at one of Safeway’s other locations. After class is completed, students that are 15 years old are eligible to take their permit test at any Minnesota exam center. Students can take the class at age 14½ but cannot take their permit test until age 15.

Parent involvement is required to produce safe, responsible teen drivers. It is critical that parents plan to practice regularly with their new student drivers. Safeway offers detailed information on its web site to assist parents with understanding Minnesota laws and requirements for student drivers. Safeway strongly encourages parents to review its parent information, attend a Parent Class or watch the online Parent Class videos at

Behind-the-wheel registration and instruction must be directly set up with Safeway Driving School, 651.351.9150, The cost is $150 and is payable to Safeway at the lessons. Includes six hours of driving in three, two-hour private lessons. All driving is done in a real car on actual city streets, highways and freeways with a responsible, licensed Safeway instructor. Safeway recommends students take their first lesson 6-8 weeks after receiving their permit. The lessons should be a minimum of 30 days apart to allow for practice driving. The lessons can be completed up to one year after completing classroom. Scheduling is offered online for 24/7 convenience. All of Safeway’s cars are white with identical graphics, so parents and students are confident that it is a Safeway car picking up the student for a lesson. Students can get picked up for their behind-the-wheel lesson from home, school or work.

Flight Academy @ Jonathan Elementary
Aug 1 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Calling all aviators!  As a Mad Science flight cadet in training, you will explore the history of aviation and discover how aircraft fly.  Build your own kite, stunt plane,  paper airplanes and model rocket.  Ride the air on a Hovercraft.  Discover how hot air balloons, blimps and parachutes work.

Roblox Game Development @ Chanhassen Elementary
Aug 1 @ 9:00 am – 11:50 am

In this advanced Roblox Game Design Camp, students will learn how to create and develop multiplayer games using the Roblox Studios Software.Kids will use an asset library to create a Capture the Flag game.By the end of this class, students will have a game ready to share with friends, and the skills and knowledge required to continue their exploration of game development at home.

Please bringa peanut-free snack and beverage.

Basic Windows and keyboarding skills required.

Skyhawks & Bricks 4Kidz @ Victoria Elementary
Aug 1 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Entering grades 1-7

We are very excited to announce that two of our most popular vendors have combined efforts this summer to create a fun, full day camp experience. Students will build a variety of theme-based, fun-filled motorized models using LEGO® Bricks and Technic® elements with themes such as space exploration, cranium contraptions, amazing animals, interesting inventions, construction, transportation, energy is everywhere, exploring the everglades, natural science and factory fun.  All activities are designed to enhance a child’s self-esteem while triggering their imagination and building their self confidence.  After a supervised lunch, in the afternoon, you will get active with Skyhawks.  This multi-sport camp offers a wide variety of sports and activities to explore in a fun and interactive setting.  We will focus on building skills in soccer and flag football; but will also include camp games like Capture the Flag, Ultimate Frisbee and Kickball.

Extreme Chemistry…Mystery Challenges @ Chanhassen Elementary
Aug 1 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Are you ready to get messy with some extreme chemistry experiments?  Then step into the science lab to solve our mystery challenges.  You will need to investigate polymers, rates of reaction, density, chemical indicators and more to help solve the mysteries.  Our class are hands-on…so be sure to dress for a mess!

Girls Rule Art Camp @ Victoria Elementary
Aug 1 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Grades K-5

For girls who just want to have fun making art that sparkles and shines!  Create colorful paper mache kitties, sculpt sunflower pinch pots, paint a puppy, collage a cute owl on canvas and more.  Everything will be colorful….even your nails!  Come ready to have some fun!
Please bring a beverage and a nut free snack.

Trip Around the World! Zumba Kids & Yoga Camp @ Chaska High School
Aug 1 @ 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Your child will “travel” around the world by being introduced to dances, rhythms, crafts, and games from different cultures.  There will be special focus on the Spanish culture/language, so don’t be surprised if your little one comes home speaking in Spanish!  This camp emphasizes movement, dance and exercise, building confidence and showing kids that it’s okay to dance like nobody’s watching.  Towards the end of the morning, children will focus on mindful yoga & relaxation exercises to cool down.  The camp will end with a short performance, children will take home a passport showing their travels, and crafts from around the world!

Camp Kindergarten @ Family Learning Center
Aug 1 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Let’s get ready for Kindergarten!  This class is designed for children who will be entering Kindergarten in the Fall of 2018, and will offer children an opportunity to experience a taste of what Kindergarten is like.  Licensed early childhood staff will design a fun and engaging experience for your soon to be Kindergartner that will give them the opportunity to interact with others, participate in large and small group work, as well as learning through investigations and inquiry work.  This is a child onlyclass. However, during registration a parent must be selected as well (but will not need to attend).