Personnel and Equipment Fees

Groups will be charged from the time they enter the building, to when they depart.  Equipment needs must be requested in advance. Cancellations for personnel and/or equipment requires a three (3) day notice (see all Policies).

Adult Auditorium Technician $18/hour
Student Auditorium Technician (Two Hour Minimum) $11/hour
Building Monitor (Three Hour Minimum)* $17/hour
Custodian (based on group size and need) $40/hour
Computer Tech Associate Varies
Kitchen Personnel Varies
Lifequard $17/hour
Field Lights $75/use
Grand Piano (Tuning fee of $100 may apply) $250
Microphone (Wireless, hand-held) $20
Microphone (Wired) $10
Projector System Varies
Riser $35/unit
Screen $35
Studio Piano (Tuning fee of $100 may apply) $15
Shell $100
Television $25
Application Fee (annually) $20
Garbage and Snow Removal, if applicable Actual cost
Sales Tax Per Minnesota Laws

* For Building Monitors, an additional 15 minutes will be added before and after the group is scheduled for setup.


Lori Karstensen
Facilities Secretary
(952) 556-6403
Nicolette Abel
Operations Specialist
(952) 556-6439
Sue Harberts
Operations Manager
(952) 556-6410