Rental Fees

If you do not see a facility that you are interested in renting, please send an email to

Determine your category

Facility Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
Art Room $9/hour $45/hour $90/hour
Auditorium – Theater
Rehearsal $30/hour $130/hour $260/hour
Performance $35/hour $155/hour $360/hour
Black Box Theater
Rehearsal $13/hour $63/hour $125/hour
Performance $16/hour $75/hour $150/hour
Blue Line Meeting Room (VRC) $20/hour $20/hour $20/hour
Cafeteria $12/hour $60/hour $120/hour
Commons $12/hour $60/hour $120/hour
Commons Stage $14/hour $70/hour $140/hour
Class Room $9/hour $45/hour $90/hour
Computer Lab (requires Tech) $20/hour $100/hour $200/hour
Forum $15/hour $75/hour $150/hour
Grass Fields $0/hour $30/hour $40/hour
Gym – One Court $6/hour $30/hour $60/hour
Gym – Two Courts $9/hour $45/hour $90/hour
Gym – High School $12/hour $60/hour $120/hour
Kitchen (requires Cook) $55/hour $65/hour $80/hour
Locker Room $11/hour $22/hour $42/hour
Media Center $9/hour $45/hour $90/hour
Music Room $9/hour $45/hour $90/hour
Pool (requires Lifeguard) $6/hour $30/hour $60/hour
Staff Lounge $9/hour $45/hour $90/hour
Training Room $9/hour $45/hour $90/hour
Turf Field $25/hour $35/hour $60/hour
Turf Stadium $50/hour $75/hour $120/hour


Lori Karstensen
Facilities Secretary
(952) 556-6403
Nicolette Abel
Operations Specialist
(952) 556-6439
Sue Harberts
Operations Manager
(952) 556-6410