Early Childhood Special Education

District 112’s concern for children doesn’t begin in kindergarten and end at graduation. Our teachers are on hand to work with children who need additional developmental and education help from birth through age 21. The program designed to meet the developmental need of our youngest learners is Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE).

Early Intervention
Early Intervention Services for children birth to three years old are provided within the child’s natural environments.  These “Routines-Based Interventions” are based on the child’s daily life and are guided by your family values and priorities.  Eastern Carver County school personnel will provide coaching to parents and caregivers to help promote a child’s development.  Families are coached in strategies to help improve developmental areas such as cognition and communication, as well as social, motor, and self-help skills.  The staff will work with the caregivers to provide training that allows those caregivers to develop their child’s abilities.

Preschool Special Education
Our program strives to help young children interact successfully with friends and family at home, in the community and at school.  To achieve this goal, the ECSE staff work as partners with the parents and teachers. Eastern Carver County Schools provides a full continuum of special education and related services depending on each student’s unique special education needs and the goals determined by the student’s Individual Education Planning (IEP) team. Services are provided in the least restrictive learning environment which is appropriate for the individual student.


Becky Carpenter
Administrative Assistant
Danielle Fields
Dr. Laura Pingry-Kile
Director of Specialized Services