The Pulse

All students entering 5th-8th grade are welcome to join us for an incredible adventure this summer. We look forward to great days filled with exciting events and activities to keep your heart pounding.  If you are trying to keep your finger on what’s hot in our community for youth…Check THE PULSE!

THE PULSE is designed to meet the needs of middle school students as they grow into responsible teens. At times, young people will be outside of the direct supervision of adults with clear expectations about appropriate boundaries and rules.  Abuse of rules, check-in times, and set parameters will result in loss of privileges. Attention to the needs of young teens and pre-teens will be given and, at times, different age groups will have different boundaries in terms of supervision.

Summer 2021 registration begins on Wednesday, Feb. 17.

The Pulse Summer Details


Rita Mortensen
Administrative Assistant  

On-site Supervisor


 Nicolette Abel
Program Specialist  



PULSE Site Contact
Pioneer Ridge Middle School


Sue Harberts
Assistant Director