Youth Enrichment

Continue to learn, explore interests, and have fun!

Research shows that high quality after school programs  have a profound impact on our young people’s future. Frequent participation in after school programs has shown to improve academic performance, school attendance, and behavior.  These three factors are critical to keeping students on track to graduate high school and ready for college and career success.

Our programs strive to incorporate 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration and  STEM (science, technology engineering and mathematics) principles. These activities provide active classrooms where students experience the importance of physical activity and nutrition and the effect on learning.


What to know about after school enrichment classes:
Meet in the cafeteria, check in, and get a snack. The instructor will escort students to the designated room for class and bring students to the main entrance at the end of class for pick-up. If your child is not picked up after 10 minutes of the class end time they will be checked into Club Care and a late fee may be charged.

If your child is absent from school and/or will miss an after school program they are registered for please call the Club Care phone number indicated below to alert the staff.

Enrichment Activities

Instructor Information


Denise Ayen
Administrative Assistant

Katie Johnson
Enrichment & Engagement Specialist


 Scott Barta
Sports & Health Specialist



After School Activity Contact


Bluff Creek: 612-221-7709

Carver: 612-221-8397

Chanhassen: 612-221-7453

Clover Ridge: 612-221-7803

Jonathan: 612-221-8289



La Academia: 612-363-9829

Victoria: 612-363-9828